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REVIEW: American Hustle

REVIEW: American Hustle

David O’Russell reunites 3 of  his stars from last year’s Oscar-winner “Silver Linings Playbook”  to revel in the 70’s glory of big  hair, great music and crazy fashion in  one of the most entertaining movies this year, “American Hustle”.  Jennifer Lawrence  could easily win her 2nd best supporting  actress Oscar after stealing every scene she’s in . This is no small fete , co-starring with an unrecognizable Christian Bale (who gained 40 pounds), Amy Adams (who bares more cleavage than J.Lo in her P.Diddy days), Robert De Niro (who finally  delivers scary-mobster in a small role) , Jeremy Renner (as a good-hearted-good-deeding mayor the city of  Camden, New Jersey wishes it ever had in real life) ,  and a manic, permed Bradley Cooper  as an ambitious FBI agent.

The movie will have you laughing  from the first scene, with  the paunchy  Bale gluing on a toupee comb-over that’s worse than Donald Trump’s do.  Bale is con artist Irving Rosenfeld .  His partner in crime  and bed is the gorgeous ex-stripper and  even smarter Amy Adams as Sydney. When they’re nailed by an FBI agent, their only way out of prison is to entrap New Jersey politicians. Their twisty game  will have you guessing til the end.  

This one’s filled with style: from the hair to the clothes  to the wonderful soundtrack. It’s   spot-on as a period  piece. The cast gives top-notch performances . What a year for Jennifer Lawrence. She’s the action hero of the year with the second installment of “The Hunger Games” and  is wickedly funny in a movie that will have her competing against herself at the box office this weekend.

THIS is sheer entertainment.   And unlike most Oscar baiters, it’ll make you laugh, not cry.

4 stars


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